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my donor story

by Sharon Leya (Author), Janne Maru (Illustrator)

My Donor Story is a series of children's books that lovingly explains donor conception, and uses simple language to illustrate the basic concepts of genetics. With beautiful illustrations by Janne Maru, a helpful discussion guide by the Jewish Fertility Foundation and a strong emphasis on diversity and gender inclusiveness, My Donor Story provides a first-of-its-kind series for children to understand their unique conception story.

My Donor Story - Embracing Diversity in Conception Education

Hudson & Maisie



“A perfect companion to guide parents and children through joyous discussions of their unique genetic stories.”

Dr. Hutton M. Kearney

Director Hereditary Genomics

Mayo Clinic

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Father and Son Reading a Book

Everybody Loves Our Books!

From the very beginning, the child-friendly language was so beautiful. I love how this story is told from Maisie's pov. It shows her questioning nature, and her moms are open and kind when talking about how she came to be. It emphasizes the importance of sperm donors while also acknowledging that the way you are raised can be just as important as genetics. The discussion questions in the back also provide a helpful way to talk about the story with children.

Jennifer J, Reviewer

I loved this book! It sweetly and simply explains the important details on IUI. As it is designed for children, it is completely appropriate and is filled with fun illustrations which make the reading experience casual and breezy. I think this is a great addition to a child's bookshelf, irrespective of whether their parents are straight, or in an opposite gender relationship.  Along with this, it helps parents answer some questions a child from a donor may have, to satisfy their curiosity.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the complimentary ARC. All opinions are purely mine.

Saloni P, Reviewer

This is a donor conception story for children. I want to warn that just in case you might be wary- there are terms/diagram used for a sperm and egg to explain conception to the character Maisie. Now- this story was centered around Maisie and her Mommy and Momma. Maisie comes home from school wondering how she was made. So her parents explain it to her. I like how at the end of the story the author provides multiple discussion topics for readers to have conversations about. I guess I just feel like the story was a little short and I wish there was a little more! I think it would’ve been cool if Maisie went to school and continued the conversation with Emmett/classmates.

 Jessica B, Reviewer

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